Dahong Palay


  • Rock, DARK METAL
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 1


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Hailed as the Philippines' Kings of Dark Metal. Dahong Palay has been in the Rock/Metal scene in Manila for over 21 years now. The band was founded and managed by Ramon "The Doctor" Zialcita of LA.105 during the reign of the 80's metal era. DahongPalay released compilation albums under Tone Def and released a Debut Album KAPATIRAN NG BAKAL AT APOY under Ivory records.

DAHONG PALAY, one of the Philippines' prime movers in the underground rock/metal scene is about to unleash it's venom once more via their up-coming album probably this year. Heavy, Aggressive, Dark, Melodic and Intimidating music is what you could expect from this group.


Hailed as the Philippines' Kings of Dark Metal. Dahong Palay has been in the Metal and Underground scene in Manila for over 20 years now.


Dahong Palay – pertains to a breed of snake that is considered to be one of the most venomous in the planet.

Dahong Palay really marked its venom to their audience and listeners during those times. After a few gigs and tons of radio airplay, the group earned the title of The Philippines’ answer to Black Sabbath and was even later christened as “The Philippines’ Kings of Dark Metal.”. The rest as they all say is history.
The band has appeared in almost all of the compilation albums of Tone Def Label and in 1996, Dahong Palay released its debut album “Kapatiran ng Bakal at Apoy” under a major label – Ivory Records. The sales of the album went up to gold.
They also made a rendition of Florante’s “Pinay” and was included in Ivory Record’s Himig Album 1 and gained a lot of airplay in LA105.9 and even other stations as well.

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