The Subspring


  • Indie Pop, Rock
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 1



An indie/rock band formed in Paranaque in 2013. Consists of members who met when they were in high-school, and their music influences are based on classic rock, jazz, indie, and OPM.


Carl Juliano on Vocals and guitars
Ely Apostol on Bass and vocals
Ivan Mallari on Drums and percussions

This band started when three guys met in high school. Carl Juliano who played guitar met Ely Apostol as he was his classmate. They made various steps in coming up with the right music to play. They've come across punk rock (blink 182, etc..) to Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, up to The Beatles. Until they met a drummer, Ivan Mallari, studying in the same school, in the higher batch, had same music interests as they had, so he joined in. Three of them sharing the same vision of taking the band to a different level and not just as a cover band, decided to add another guitarist for rhythm, but soon after a year and a few months, they decided that they'll stay as a three-piece band. Up to this day, they're still making music and love to play live down Manila and places down South.




The band started when JC Juliano and Ely Apostol met on their Freshman Year in Regina Maria Montessori. They both played in a band with different band members since then. Until July 2013 when JC and Ely played with Ivan Mallari, their high school friend. They loved the drumming style of Ivan and they decided to make their band more useful.

It was when JC felt that they needed another guitar player to fill up the rhythm of their music. He incidentally invited Nathan Conde, a long time friend of his to come to his house for no reason. When Nathan started playing, JC heard how good it was to play with him. He asked Nathan to join the band.

The band made various songs inspired by sixties Rock n Roll with a mix of modern indie. It is a wonderful start.

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