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We play all sorts of Electronic music. Live and original. Chillstep, D&B, Progressive House, Ambient, Rock step, Jungle.


Electronic Music.


Amidst the dense tropics of the urban Manila jungle, a cold wave fusion of electronic, rock, and drum n' bass music is infiltrating the metro. Founded in 2008, FEEN is a power trio composed of singer songwriter Juno Limjap, guitarist Ado Ortiz aka Flipperbaby, and Kishore Ramnani.
All their songs are conceived and performed live. A regular fixture of Nomad Massive, the Philippines' underground circuit for electronic music producers, FEEN's supercharged performances are a testament to the distinctive musical sensibilities and savant of the individuals that make up the band.
Juno honed her voice onstage for many years with Pinoy rock legends like Dondi Ledesma and WallyGonzales before pushing forward with her brainchild FEEN.
Meanwhile, Flipperbaby (Ado) and (Kishore)have been independent electronic music producers for over a decade where Flipperbaby's affinity lies in organic, liquid drum and bass while Kishore's sound is more industrial and rallies for hard-step,Neurofunk mindbenders.
The result of their coming together: a tempered amalgam of hardcore beats, ambient rhythms, and ethereal yet powerful vocals. FEEN is able to harmonize the opposite spectrums of electronic music stunningly.
In one moment you can be wafting through space with mellow and relaxing rhythms and in the next you are prompted to release all the aggression in you and be one with ferocious beats. FEEN is not afraid to let it all out. They defy norms and serve up music straight from the source!

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