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  • Set Duration : 30 Minutes | No. of Sets : 30


Upcoming Gigs

depending on the music production, we usually have at least 2 or 3 gigs a month but most of the time we have gigs in Makati and Quezon City

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Band Members:

Jeck Guitarist/
Mak Percussionist/
Garote Bassist/
Soc Vocalist/
Bert session Guitar/
Daryl session Guitar/

Founded on March 19, 2013

Choi is a Christian band. It has elements of new Experimental Rock, Math, Bizarre Time Signature changes and Polyrthyms, Sublime instrumental Riff, Ethereal Synth, Inspirational Lyrics, Swerving Mood of sounds, and a Perfect delicacy for your day. Taking the opposite approach, superimposing two cross-beats over every measures...


A Christian Rock/Progressive Music/Math-Rock


We started the band since we’ve heard great songs form Tool, Meshuggah, Animal as Leaders, Periphery, Cloudkicker, Icarus the Owl, Tesseract and many more... We are also hoping to create music with yet more complex polytempo and using irrational numbers... Desire to improve our band and bring more great music to suit your mood...

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