Thy Holy Water


  • Country Music, Rock, Soft Rock, Pop Rock
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Members: ThY HoLy WaTeR (Past & Present Members):
Present Members: Mike Bewer - vocals/guitar
Zeus "Maxi" Masilungan -guitars
Butchoi Sombilla -drums
Gerard De Dios - bass
Past Members:
John "Blues" De Zuniga -guitars
Don Bautista -bass
J.P. Buduan -drums
Jed Dayrit -drums
Lehi Rebosura- drums


Music is somewhat personal to us individuals . ThY HoLy WaTeR' s aim is to raise up that musical consciousness and fuse it with a more creative and original approach to the songs as a band. When it comes to writing or arranging music, everybody's welcome to dip in their own musical prowess and creativity, as long as they maintain the groove and flow of the song there wouldn't be any problem. I don't know what the future holds for this band. But I know for sure, my passion to play and create songs will not cease.. "Skill and Character is the 2 most important aspect of how I handle things with this band".. - Mike Bewer.


Thy Holy Water's influences range from classic rock, Pinoy rock, country, blues, reggae and funk which are very evident in their repertoire, live gigs and especially in their original compositions. The chemistry of the members individual talents brought their performances to the highest level of rock and roll as they vow to give faith to those who seek versatility in music.

So, get ready and prepare for a new revelation! These prophets of rock and roll will surely rapture your brains with some cool heavy stuff! Balls of light will enlighten your senses as they bless you with Rock and Roll!

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