Colored Panda


  • Alternative Music, Rock
  • Pampanga
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 2


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Colored Panda is a 4 piece alternative rock band from San Fernando, Pampanga formed in December of 2013. The band covers songs from the Cebuano band named The Ambassadors and still trying to build their own music style. They had a chance to play several gigs in Tarlac, Metro Manila and Pampanga particularly in Angeles where they already played twice and was also invited to play at Tarlac City for the Luzon Tour of the Tarlac Underground Scene.


Alternative Rock


After the disbandment of their very first band, Alvin Miguel (vocalist) and Daniel Gallano (guitarist) looked for new band mates to play with. Daniel found out that one of his school friends knows how to play the drums so he asked him if he want to form a band and he accepted Daniel`s proposal for he is also interested on forming a new band. Daniel introduced Jardinn Caracas (drummer) to Alvin. After a few conversation through Facebook about the kind of music they will play, Jardinn became more interested to the idea. Alvin introduced the song Love Song by The Ambassadors to Jardinn and after listening to it, he was just like, "Na LSS agad ako dito!". Jardinn recomended his former band mate Shaun Bernardez (bassist) to play the bass and after practicing individually, the four set a date for their first full band practice. And it end up great. After realizing the chemistry between them, the four became more confident and comfortable playing music with each other. After a couple of practice, they decided to choose a name for the band. They end up with Jardinn`s suggestion, Colored Panda. At the moment, the band is still doing their best on writing new materials to showcase for their upcoming gigs and still exploring a lot of kinds of music for them to have more ideas for their own music. The band also enjoys to be on the road and playing out of town, meeting new friends and at the same time, spreading their name to different kinds of audience.

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