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  • Alternative Music, Blues, Inspirational, OPM, Pop, Pop Rock, Reggae, RnB / Soul
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 2


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This group plays a variety of genres, mostly OPM, R&B (Acoustics), etc. (perfect for \"cozy coffee shop mood\" seekers). They also write and play their own songs. Tagging themselves as sessionists, these folks would probably describe their Music as most of the time, Impromptu Jamming Sessions. For them, enjoying their music while playing is a priority. No pressure at all. This creates excitement, adrenaline but also puts them in harmony, thus creating a very good musical sensation. The Band often invites other Musicians as well for their gigs, to add more colors to their Music.


Acoustics, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Host, Weddings


Joanna Crisanto(vocalist) is a Soulful R&B and OPM Singer/Songwriter and is an Elements Song Writing Camp 2014 finalist. For her, forming her own band is her way of exploring and maximizing her Gift of Music.

Otep Rey-Hipolito(Guitars) is a former guitarist for Myrus Ramirez - dubbed as the Sentimental Prince of R&B(under MCA Music) and has been playing along with Joanna Crisanto since 2011 as her guitarist and back up singer. He is also a Gospel Musician(CCF).

Ritchee Hilario(Bass) is a sessionist Bassist, and is Otep's band mate since they were in Highschool.

Emman Ilagan(Drums) is Otep's co-musician and a worship leader at CCF and is also a sessionist Drummer.

Ace Gadia(Percs) is a Musical Scorer, Recording Artist, Record producer and a Music Nerd (according to him:D).

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