Heaven17 Acoustic

Cover Band

  • Alternative Music, Indie, OPM, Pop, Pop Rock, Reggae, RnB / Soul, Soft Rock
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 60 Minutes | No. of Sets : 3



We like to entertain. And as the gay among an all male group, I make quite an exception. I make sure, along with my band mates that the crowd will enjoy our performance, immensely. We like to cover songs that captures the heart of the Filipino or any audience there is. We'd like to keep it cool and have them listen to the best of love songs as much as they could. Music is our passion and we want to share that passion to anyone who share the same interest in music. Our percussionist, Arsy is young and talented while my very cool guitarist, Johnny is a man of few words so I kinda belong to the middle. To keep it balanced. Heaven17 Acoustic loves classic love and pop songs but can sing any genre if we put our hearts and minds into it. ;) - Ysay, Vocalist


Acoustics, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Host, Weddings


We came from different bands before but knew each other through common friends and jamming sessions. On November 2015, the vocalist's Aunt opened a resto-bar and convinced her to put up an acoustic group. They were four then, joined by a female vocalist, Roxannie. Former band-mate of Ysay but lasted only six weeks in the group due when the bar renovated for sound proofing. Since then, the group was inseparable and decided to try it on different bars and accepted gigs and events in and outside the Metro. They thought of a good name and decided to use the old band Ysay was in, Heaven 17, put it together, hence, the Heaven17 Acoustic.

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