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"Kontra Gig Sked 2015

September 11, Friday - Handlebar Makati

September 18, Friday - MOA Concert Grounds

September 25, Friday - Checkpoint Rock Bar BF Homes

September 29, Tuesday - The 70's Bistro Anonas QC"

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Formed in November 2014, Wolfgang’s bassist Mon Legaspi, guitarist Manuel Legarda, and drummer Francis Aquino teamed up with Monks’hood’s vocalist/guitarist JV Castillo for the love of writing music and playing rock and roll. It was during last year’s Wolfgang tour for Tanduay that Francis and JV started jamming some of their favorite Sevendust songs during sound checks (when the latter would sub for Legarda on guitar) and started the idea. With Legaspi’s passion for writing new material and Legarda’s classic talent for adding his effortless riffs with his guitar, their interest in getting on board closed the deal. Originally an idea for a “jam band” to a “side project” to, formally, a new organization to introduce and brand a new taste of Pinoy rock, KONTRA hopes to create and offer something that will last the years ahead.

KONTRA may give off a negative vibe suggesting contradiction and controversy. However, on the “contrary,” the idea of KONTRA is not to negate but push forward new ideas.

As veteran scriptwriter Ricky Lee advises, one must discern between censorship and constraint. While being censored is to completely quiet and remove an idea, to work with constraint is to push against a wall of opinions and ideas thrown against you, and experience the struggle of pushing right back against it. It is in this contradiction that you hope to find and produce the best of your creative juices yet.




Kontra is not a jam band. It is not a project band, nor is it a side band.

A look at the lineup may bring about these notions, but Kontra rejects all preconceived ideas. It is as a standalone entrant pushing its way through the noisy music landscape to get heard, offering fresh riffs and hard hitting melodies.

Kontra is Jeyvi Castillo on vocals/guitars, Armand Quimpo on guitars, Mon Legaspi on bass, and Francis Aquino on drums. It is an assembly of musicians with a combined 20 years of rocking shows and music making between them.

Its first single, Naghihintay sa ‘Yo, broke through the airwaves in June 2015, a few months after the band was formed. An album is in progress and is slated to be released in the later part of the year.

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